Nihatech can help save you money by supplementing your full-time staff with highly skilled IT consultants on anas-needed basis, which allows you to reduce your reliance on fixed labor costs, creating a highly productive, variable-cost workforce.

Nihatech utilizes five key recruiting checkpoints to finding your perfect consultant:

#1: Understand the client requirement, project objectives and culture.

#2: Our experienced recruiters utilize their extensive networks of consultants, partners and sourcing engines to identify ideal candidates.

#3: Candidates are technically screened.

#4: Candidates are interviewed for the skills and experience relevant to your project, and their communication ability,professional demeanor and culture fit.

#5: Candidates are submitted to you for review.

Talent Management Structure

Nihatech prides itself in its three-tier talent management structure. Our mission is to ensure an equal balance of support and management not only for our customers but also the excellent talent we represent.

Evaluate: Our sourcing and recruiting strategy requires Nihatech employees to thoroughly qualify our talent through screening compatibility as well as technical competency. Each consultant is presented with a “pre-close” confirmation, confirming their availability, interest, terms, and acceptance of releasing their resume to our clients.


Execute: All consultants are assigned to a talent manager who conducts regular status meetings when engaged on their projects. They provide support, career planning, and can redirect to our internal practice directors for technical support or general information pertaining. Additionally, they are fully backed by our accounting staff for any finance related questions regarding their invoices, travel and expenses.


Maintain: The foundation of our business has always been about providing the best talent. Nihatech works hard to place the right consultants on multiple engagements and reward referrals and recommendations. As a proven SAP Service Partner, we guarantee after successful completion on an engagement through Nihatech, our placed consultants reserve first right of refusal to join our future projects and be placed on “top priority” for new positions from our partners.


Referral Program

Nihatech is dedicated to connecting top professionals to great positions. We are also very appreciative when that talent is referred to us. Our referral program is just one of the ways we express that appreciation and provide incentives for referral candidates that receive successful client placements. Contact us today to learn how you can benefit from the referral program.

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